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Cubo Moto - Huddersfield
« on: March 14, 2017, 09:59:15 am »
Credit where due and all that...

Just wanted to leave some notes re:independent Cubo Moto of Huddersfield.

Thanks to this forum - and a little weight issue with the 12GT - I had my mind set on swapping to a K13S. I also wanted to do this in a hurry with riding season here.. I spied a K13S they had for a while and moved when they dropped the price a little.

I agreed a part-ex deal over the phone for my old K1200GT which was a good deal for me both ways round and went for it - remotely - never having seen the bike but having chatted to them at length about history etc.

Delivery was quick and easy even though I live in Sussex - bike came down within a week!

When the day came the 13 was true to their description. I knew (guessed - having seen the bikes history) that it will have been looked after - and had been over serviced through its life. Good for me!

The physical trade-in was fine with no issues - though the orange warning light on the 12GT caused a moments grief (on because it was down to its reserve!). But really - absolutely no issues with the trade in and backing the deal they'd done via email, phone and photos. Easy Peasy.

However : a week or so in and on my first proper ride noticed a heated grip wasn't working :-( Covered by their warranty - but of course this could have been tricky with the remoteness of Huddersfield and some dealers being poor with service/follow-up.

As it happen : no worries though. Called Cubo and agreed to get a local bike shop to sort it as my BM dealership is a distance away.

Checking in with my local boys after the problem was sorted and my local bike shop were very happy with Cubo - very easy to deal with and no issues or quibbles paying rapidly for the fix. Sounds like not all dealers are so easy but my local boys were singing their praises.

Since the bike was in I also asked my boys to check out the bike and give me their opinion - and the verdict was very positive and reassuring.

So there you have it! You can trust these guys even if doing a remote deal. And should you have an issue they will sort it pronto and will be good to your local bike shop if they do the fix.

The only trouble now is the growing list of things to do... fender extender... HID... thinking about helibars but I'll give that some time...
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Re: Cubo Moto - Huddersfield
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2017, 05:28:49 pm »
Nice one and I applaud you fortaking the trouble to sing their praises  ;D

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Re: Cubo Moto - Huddersfield
« Reply #2 on: May 02, 2017, 07:53:41 pm »
Nice one and I applaud you fortaking the trouble to sing their praises  ;D
Will add my applauds and comments as above.
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