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Tyres / Re: New Tyres For K1300R Dynamic.
« on: Today at 05:27:44 pm »
OK, two bits of sticky string instead of one  8)

Tyres / Re: New Tyres For K1300R Dynamic.
« on: Today at 03:13:33 pm »
Plug it and ride on! Why change tyres unless it was in the sidewall?

I'm doing the Wrinklies on the same rear tyre I plugged on last year's Wrinklies  ::)

Interesting. I belong to HBAM, Herts and Beds Advanced Motorcyclists, and they are always keen to point out that we are not a club.

If you read the WHAM newsletter they appear to be a group with nothing to suggest that they are a club?

Are you a member of WHAM, Brian?

Well Tom, my quote in parenthesis was cut and pasted from the April newsletter as I said. They refer themselves as both a motorcycle club and an IAM charitable wotsit which is why they were checking it out with the IAM.

And no, I'm not a great joiner of clubs or groups  8)

And I think 'you' will find that they are a bike club...

"I was at the IAM spring regional conference a week or two ago and went with questions about whether there was minor conflict regarding WHAM as a bike club and WHAM as a charitable road safety training outfit. I came away full of enthusiasm after hearing first-hand, delivered ably by Robbie and Amanda (both ex-coppers and passionate motorists), that the IAM understand we also want to enjoy ourselves and have fun whilst being part of the core IAM delivery function."

...inter-alia, taken from the vice-chair's foreward to the April newsletter  8)

This time I checked my facts 'before' bursting into print  ;D

Who's Who? / Re: Evening all - Motorsport or Anniversary ed?
« on: Today at 09:49:43 am »
Stop doing the maths, it never works! Just buy it and work out how to pay for it while you ride it  8)

K1200 / K1300 Forum / Re: Side-stand mounting...
« on: Yesterday at 05:41:53 pm »
New bushed finally arrived today, only took a week from Oxford, could have ridden over and collected them in less time! On the push-bike  ::)

Any way, no significant difference in the thickness of the 'brim' of the top hat bushes, but the wear in the centre was obvious to see.

Only lost two fingers getting the side-stand springs back on and now I have 7mm of play instead of about 27 and the bike looks like a normal person leaning on a lamp post rather than a drunk.

To be honest, at £17 I was expecting phosphor-bronze or at least Oilite but they were just white metal stuff.

Never pleased, some folk  8)

For Sale / Wanted / Re: K1200s for sale
« on: Yesterday at 10:21:18 am »
We hope you pointed him in our direction  8)

K1200 / K1300 Forum / Re: K1300S tyres
« on: Yesterday at 10:20:16 am »
I should have bought a pile of PR3's when they were still available... ;D

Straight to hell!

And why they had to have an R1200RS review in there, gits!

It IS a motorcycle club ferkrissakes  8)

Who's Who? / Re: Hello from CanadA
« on: Yesterday at 10:15:46 am »
Ouch! And welcome to the madhouse that is EuroKClub Nick!

Hmm? Well documented? First time I've heard of a problem like that, perhaps we have different transmissions over here, or less hard acceleration  8)

I 'think' that the cluster is a cassette type so replacement should be as straightforward as anything else on this bike. Do you have a copy of the RepROM, the service manual?

K1200 / K1300 Forum / Re: K1300s rattling engine
« on: Yesterday at 10:11:02 am »
Am afraid it's more serious than you think.

Cheers for that you ray of sunshine.

I'm sure you didn't notice that Costas is from Greece. Without even knowing you I would expect that Costas's command of the English language is significantly better than your command of the Greek language.

Costas has a very good understanding of the K1300 and has had to replace the engine on his so may just be the best placed person on here to offer advice from experience.

Help and advice is offered freely and in the spirit of trying to help. Sometime the advice given is not what you want to hear but it doesn't change the spirit in which it was given.

And we have two Costas's. There is 'our' Costas, much loved, much travelled and very, very hospitable.

Then, there is 'the other' Costas, Costas's friend and the service manager at the main BMW dealership in Athens, where they still do things the old-fashioned way, as I found out to my amazement when I took my K12 in for a service, the way you do. I had better service and much better customer care in this far-off, foreign land than I have ever had in the UK and this from a man who was reasonably sure he would never see this particular customer ever again.

Much of our Costas's knowledge comes from the other Costas, gleaned over many coffees while going over our problems with him.

Costas isn't always right, especially diagnosing at a distance, none of us are (well, apart from me obviously  8) ) but I always listen to his wise counsel.

I'm sure Ian's comments were meant in a light-hearted way  ;D

I call bullshit. Also start attributing these things with a url please!

Anyway here is where I started stopping reading:

They say that even 5G might not offer enough bandwidth to cope with cycles and filtering motorbikes.

That's horse shit. Whoever wrote this must think that Autonomous cars don't do any processing locally so what, if there's no 4G then everything stops now? Insert more swearwords about sensationalism. 5G will only ever be in high population density zones in any case.

Processing power and AI/programming determines how many pedestrians you kill. Only cars running LIDAR send vast amounts of data and that's log files for various types of learning, not real-time.

Ahem. I'm calm ok, I'm calm!

You want a URL? You are a geek and you can't drive Google to WHAM!

I agree it might be techno-babble, but the government is the one pushing the 'supposed' green paper and the industry pushing the 5G stuff.

They can make a self-colliding car but they can't avoid moving objects smaller than a Transit?

It may all be horse shit but it plays to the long espoused agenda to get bikes off the road; we die too often, we make too much noise (Matt!), we drive too fast, we scare folks and we pull wheelies with girlies on the back immediately before doing all of the previous!

Anyway, if you want to follow it up you'll find it in the WHAM March Newsletter here...

I thought it was a really good read   8)

K1200 / K1300 Forum / Re: K1300s rattling engine
« on: May 22, 2019, 09:49:00 pm »
I doubt if the camchain tensioner would have caused the engine to die.

Rattling on the right could be the tensioner or the chain, but it could also be the clutch.

If it had thrown a rod then I think there would be much oil and bared innards.

Be interesting to see if it is firing on all four.

Crankshaft position sensor?

Who's Who? / Re: Evening all - Motorsport or Anniversary ed?
« on: May 22, 2019, 08:37:06 pm »
Don't do it.

Buy this...

...and fasten to outside of OEM screen with tie wraps or whatever. Total cost about £7 and every bit as effective.

Or, give me £80 for mine and I'll fit the Homebase perforated wotnot. It'll last 10 years which is more than the rad will last even if you keep it clean  ???

None! However I stole it from WHAM, the Worcester and Herefordshire Advanced Motorcyclists website.

I think you are an IAM bod so I guess your local group would have seen it.

I think it is in the pubic domain so feel free. Brian

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