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For Sale / Wanted / Wanted - Hens Teeth (sports panniers)
« on: March 05, 2019, 09:57:56 am »
Fit like folks

Just thought i'd fire this up if anyone in the unlikely event, was parting with a set of the sports panniers, for the k1200s, i'd be keen in taking them


The Euro K Club Lounge / BMW owners club
« on: January 31, 2019, 09:36:27 am »
joined up last month,anyone else a member?
the monthly magazine seems good ... and the meet ups ,... well at least there's one in Inverurie (only 12 miles from me (ish) ), going to try and get on one of the weekends time permitting and to me that'll be justification of joining for a year.
deals wise, there's nae many for up this neck of the woods but hey ho.

The Euro K Club Lounge / Plans for 2019
« on: January 15, 2019, 06:49:45 pm »
So, having bought the K12 , the master plan is to do a bit of 2 up running about , culminating in the NC 500 ...provided i'm nae bankrupted by it ....the bike that is.

Fits a'body else's plans for this year on their bikes

The last 2 days when I've been stopping and turning the key to off the bike still kinda runs but dies gradually, where turning the key back to on she restarts . This has happened once before after I got her back from getting new plugs/ airbox / icv.  Yesterday when it happened I restarted gave it a min then stopped and she stopped. I checked at lunch time and she started ok ...filled her up and she did it when I got back to work so a quick once round the block and a few goes at turning off and was home was fine starting this morning fine  ...stopping at work it happened again and I just let it go this time . Didn't check at lunch time and I've come out and she won't start....just a click...lights on...dash on all ok but press start and just a click.
Went and bought a new battery just in case(was told when getting recalls done it needed a top up and a few cold mornings it's struggled )...fitted it ...nothing changes.

Starter motor? I've no clue and any help appreciated
Dunc (A bit desperate)

Places to Eat / Applecross Inn - Applecross Peninusla
« on: November 23, 2018, 04:25:49 pm »
From my own visit a few years back but I have it from reliable sources its still top notch grub to date. Makes a memorable ride over the Bealach na Bà well worth it with a pit stop at the other side.  From memory i couldn't finish the main i ordered such was its size, for a reasonable price too.


Places to Stay / Tongue Hostel- decent for bikers
« on: November 23, 2018, 01:51:59 pm »

Stayed here june 2 years ago while shadowing a few mates of mine finishing their Lands End John o Groats cycle. Nicely situated and a great place to catch a sunset, you're a bit of a trek up the hill into the main town bit but really , if the weather is nice , is that really a concern.
Your fairly standard hostel accom, a choice of a few rooms i think but i was in a dorm, kitchen and showers ok, one to note if you're doing the NC500 or just up that neck of the woods for a hurl.


For Sale / Wanted / R+G Paddock stand PIN for K1200s
« on: November 22, 2018, 04:21:18 pm »

Hi folks, selling one of these, realise its a long shot, bought in error , chancing it might fit my unbranded paddock stand does not
£20 and its yours


K1200 / K1300 Forum / Standard Main beam is a bit short isn't it
« on: November 19, 2018, 11:51:22 am »
Was out yesterday on the bike and with standard bulbs , main beam is just a bit short eh!
Full beam is pretty tasty but i used to think main on my vfr wasn't great but thats now changed. Better bulbs or HID upgrade most certainly been added to the list of things to do now

Hi folks, so...having had a wee looky on here I'm starting to get an idea of what could be a possible problem and its solution.
My 06 K1200s with circa 13000 miles starts and idles, not terribly smoothly at around 1500-1700rpm... i let it warm up a bit in the mornings before my 10 mile commute and a couple of times it the revs have dropped down and its stalled out.
In the 3000rpm range it runs a little unevenly.
Open throttle in higher revs/cruising its fine (riding it up from nottingham I did notice perhaps a bit vibration over i just sat below that for the run back to aberdeen), however on closed throttle it can pa pa paaa pa pa on engine braking and be jerky.
It was in to get all its recalls done that it hadn't   :o :
"I am responding to your live chat enquiry to John Clark BMW Aberdeen.
The bike has 5 outstanding quality enhancements/recalls they are for the following :
Replacing relay lever at rear spring strut
Renewing wheel flange
Retrofit, screen insert for reservoir for brake fluid and loose-leaf insert, Rider's Manual
Retrofitting chain guide
Checking fuel-pump unit" (i got a new pump and they recommended new electrics while they were in there so only had to pay for the part)

In a phone call the idling was mentioned that they would have to investigate

I apologise this is all over the place, just trying to get this done before i leave work ;) for the night.
If i'm honest i might have bought a wee bit of a pig in a poke, given the low mileage and lack of recalls done (the buttons on the switchgear are quite faded compared to others of the same age i've seen)

I've had a wee shot at the normal throttle position sensor (ignition on and open/close the throttle)...not really accomplished anything

My thoughts have been ECU?...and reading here, airbox & ICV. They would seem to be the easist fixes regarding cost/time/fettling

Any and all suggestions welcome.
I'm already watching EBAY for all manner of parts etc...mainly the final drive  :)... just in case.
What little history i have of the bike shows it getting to 10k miles then slowing down drastically.. and at one point 2 mots have a years gap in between them and its only done 900miles in that time.
i'm Thinking that things were going wrong and it was basically kept but not worked on....then sold on ...and sold on.

Bodywork wise and underneath the fairing its pretty tidy ... only slight signs of rust on obvious bolts.

I'll stop now as i'm confusing myself but any queries , if ive missed anything just ask away.


Who's Who? / Fit Like from Aberdeen...shire
« on: November 12, 2018, 10:44:45 am »
Howdy folks,
Dunc here from Westhill (outside Aberdeen), traded up from being a Honda man to seeing how the other half live  ;).
Got myself a 2006 K1200s off ebay for a nearly too good price  ???... got all its recalls done up here as it hadn't had them, still got a few wrinkles need ironed out but i'll get to them in the appropriate sections on here!
Looking forward to some high speed touring on my stealth bomber (its black ;D)

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