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The Euro K Club Lounge / Indian summer or what?
« on: October 13, 2018, 07:43:44 pm »
Jeez folks...

Almost the middle of October and at half seven at night I'm sitting out in the garden basking in a lovely Scirocco blowing in from the south. 19 degrees and 100% cloud cover.

I'll drink to that  :D

K1200 / K1300 Forum / A K1300S owner's club ride out?
« on: October 08, 2018, 10:03:19 pm »
So, having turfed all the old tosh and twaddle off the K and got it MoT'd, we took it for a blast on Sunday into mid Wales; north to Leominster, west to Crossgates for coffee and (unfortunately) south for Builth, hung a left in Hay for a run through Whitney and a blast back through Hereford and home in time for tea.

I say 'unfortunately' south from Crossgates because north would have seen us on one of Tom's favourite roads, the stunningly fast and twisty A483 for Newtown. However, a late start after a late night following a school reunion in Manchester on Saturday meant we were chasing the daylight from the off. Still a good 90 mile run with Postman Pat on his new RNineT.

So, where were all the K13S's?

Well, most of those ever produced seemed to turn up at the Crossgates Service Station in the forty minutes we were there. There was an Orange one already there, another arrived as we chewed our coffee, then two Motorsports and an annivery dropped by followed by two Silver ones, the red flashes arriving a little later...

Any of you lot?

The Euro K Club Lounge / MoT test confusion...
« on: October 01, 2018, 09:00:27 pm »
Unless I've been hallucinating again (always a probability), I could swear that someone recently reported that the UK MoT test had changed such that a bike with an after-market HID kit fitted would be a test failure.

So, MoT due this month, found the bike under a pile of timber and old clothes and was about to set out to pop the incandescent bulbs back in but spotted a nail in my car tyre and got distracted.

Drove off to the local garage to get it checked out and while in there decided to book the bike in at the same time.

I asked the head tester about the change to the rules on HID's and he stared at me as if I were mad.


No change it appears. 'It doesn't matter what produces the light. As long as it lights up and the dip has a cut-off, that's all I care about!'

So, it's in on Thursday, still with the HID's snugly fitted.

So, was I hallucinating?

The Euro K Club Lounge / One for the tin boxers among us...
« on: September 21, 2018, 10:31:35 am »
'New 'Yellow Vulture' speed cameras can detect if you're on your mobile phone.
New "yellow vulture" speed cameras are being rolled out in the UK. Motorists pictured eating or smoking behind the wheel, or using their mobile phone, will be slapped with a £200 fine and 6 penalty points. Currently, the yellow vulture speed cameras have been set up along Gdynia Way, which leads into Plymouth city centre in Devon.'

This from the via this week's PocketGPSWorld newsletter.

Forewarned etc...

The Euro K Club Lounge / Flexible head, combination ratchet spanner set...
« on: September 10, 2018, 11:07:11 am »
Just popped into Aldi looking for something or other (which they didn't have) but found this useful and cheap set of five spanners for less than a tenner...

They look and feel reasonable quality and at the price I can even live with the odd selection of sizes...8, 10, 13, 15 & 17 mm.

Great for those dumb-ass jobs where you need right-angle fingers to get to things... ;D

Gripes, Bitches and Whinges! / Is it just me...?
« on: September 05, 2018, 09:33:46 pm »
I've just spent an hour ranting and raving at the haunted fish tank in the corner.

This is not unusual, it happens almost every time I turn the bloody thing on, which is why I don't do it very often.

My DVR had recorded 'Horizon: The dawn of the driverless car.'

I sat as passively as I would have to do in a driverless car and drank in all the guff the experts were spewing out.

Every single 'expert' or 'designer' started with the premise that people are not good at driving and are dying in their millions as a result.

The 'experts' decided that they should therefore spend billions of dollars not on making drivers better at driving (cos that would only cost millions of dollars after all), but rather on eliminating the driver from the car control equation.

What the fuck?

What the fuck happened to the generation of folks who loved learning to drive and then learned to love driving?

I absolutely love driving my car, riding my bike, even riding my push-bike, on wide open roads at the dead of night; on traffic clogged roads during the rush hour; on motorways; on my favourite twisty stuff; on roads I have never been on before.

The premise is that 'everyone' 'wants' to be driven by a machine. Now, call me Shirley and slap me sideways, but isn't that what 'public transport' was supposed to do. For way less than the development costs of driverless cars we could have a public transport system that worked. Everywhere!

I was screaming at the bloody screen 'What about those of us who enjoy driving!'.

Not one mention was made about the ability of a driverless car to 'overtake'. I have a feeling that 'overtaking' will be outlawed. 'Why are you in a hurry?'. Thankfully, none of this nonsense is going to bother me as it isn't going to happen in sleepy Herefordshire any time soon. After all, almost every other road user around here is on auto-pilot anyway...

Announcements / Unsecure Site Notification this morning...
« on: August 26, 2018, 11:47:23 am »
Apologies for those who were faced with an 'Unsecure Site' notice when trying to log in. It turns out the site's SSL certificate had expired.

Here is the explanation from our site host...

"Hi Brian

Sorted: it seems the SSL certificate had expired. It normally is reissued automatically for a period of 3 months and I don't know what went wrong there, but it's now fine.

I'll keep an eye on it next time but don't expect a problem. The cert expires on 24 Nov 2018 and I'll add a note to my calendar to check on that date.

Best wishes

So, it wasn't hackers or aliens after all  ::)

The Euro K Club Lounge / 500th member...
« on: August 24, 2018, 10:31:58 am »
Hey, we missed the party I promised us all for when we got to our 500th member.

Allowing for the three 'dummy' members, it was about 5 members ago...

C'est la vie  ::)

Kit Reviews / Not a review....yet!
« on: July 29, 2018, 11:34:16 am »
A number of folks have been asking about pillion/rear rack bags for touring and this one popped into my inbox from NN and I thought it worth putting the link in here...

If anyone does try it, make sure to review it  ;D

Gripes, Bitches and Whinges! / Bears in the air...
« on: July 10, 2018, 08:34:20 pm »
Anyone seen or heard of the chopper coppers checking on speeders recently?

It used to be a real pain/urban myth that they did this way back.

One has just spent an infuriating half hour (for me, not him) zooming madly up and down the road through the village, following every twist and turn, then turning and zooming madly back the other way just as a car speeds past.

I'm not complaining about them clocking speeders through MY village mind. I just don't want to get nicked in someone else's village is all... ::)

Gripes, Bitches and Whinges! / Is it just me that hates the dark?
« on: July 08, 2018, 03:15:04 pm »
For someone who craves total darkness for my star-gazing activities, I am pathologically averse to the dark when driving or riding. Give me a 12volt sun on the front of my car or bike and I am a very happy bunny; with a dip of course... ::)

So what is it with almost every car I encounter in the dark and dead of night when they NEVER, EVER go to main beam. Unless they are coming toward me of course...

When a vehicle come t'other way I dip just before their lights become visible (ish) and go back to main beam somewhere between the front of their vehicle and the back of it, passing me.

But I can drive for miles wondering where the road goes, behind some eejit who must think, as in the old days, that using main beam actually costs you money. Of course, on the bike it is less of a problem but even so....

We had a wee chat about camera vans at Dom's yesterday. Er, no, there were no camera vans at Dom's yesterday,

I'll start again.

At Dom's yesterday, we had a wee chat about camera vans. Mick had come across a van festooned with camers and almost died. But it turned out it was an Apple Maps camera van. I was amazed he didn't have a database to warn him of the real thing.

So, for those who use Garmin or Tom Tom devices, or even Androids, one of the best databases is from Pocket GPS World...

It costs £20 a year but is way, way cheaper than a fine or three points.

It covers the whole of Europe, is crowd-sourced by the users on a constantly updated basis with a year's free membership for the first person to spot a new one or a deleted one (and this includes those constantly moving ones on mororway road works which seem to pop up and change every few days).

With new database releases every week, you are never more than a week at risk. No charge for downloading, do it as often as you like and you can use it on up to three devices from memory.

I have never spotted one that wasn't already in the database cos the bloody commuters and reps spot them all first.

It gives all fixed Gatsos, average speed camers and all declared camera van sites (including those on bridges over motorways and Dual-carriageways like the one that 'might' have got me last week cos I was too stupid to tell the difference between the Garmin telling me I was speeding and the Garmin telling me I was speeding toward a camera van site that did actually have an active van in operation).

You can download the European database with or without the French and Swiss sites and it is available for virtually every device out there.

There is also a weekly newsletter on all things to do with sat nags, from the serious like the UK's version of the Euro satellite constellation to the ridiculous, like the inventor of an inflatable Gatso, called Fakeso, who was threatened with 7 years in the clink.

There are other subscription services around but having used PGPSW for the last ten years or so and still, perhaps, with a clean licence, I never go anywhere quickly without it, irritating as it is at times, constantly bonging at you.

The Euro K Club Lounge / Shit happens....
« on: May 30, 2018, 04:32:10 pm »
Let this be a warning to those who don't ride all the time...

About a year ago, just before the Wrinklies trip, the hook fastener on the waist of my BMW textile trousers gave up fighting the flab and half of it was later found in my right boot, painful and stupid.

Never mind, the nice folks at BM hid a little placky bag with spare hooky thing and eyelet thing in the swing tag wotsit when I bought the suit, complete with rivetty things. How kind. Now, how many folk do you know who still have all the spare buttons and fasteners for every shirt and jacket they have ever bouht? Meet the squirrel...

However, my house had just been packed in a big cardboard box ready for the impending move to the country on my return and there was no way on god's little green earth that I could remember exactly which box the bag was in.

So, last year's Wrinklies was a case of mind over matter and needed some careful 'packaging' every time I got the trews on.

And then of course, when I arrived here in the sticks just about the last thing I was doing was enjoying riding; too busy painting, decorating, digging holes, filling in holes, building and generally having a whale of a time.

And of course, I forgot all about the rivetty things.

So yesterday's shake down ride not only got me stuck in my Airflow jacket with my belly hanging out, but it also resulted in the other half of the hooky thingy giving way as I struggled to get out of the bloody jacket...

So, this morning I set about locating the rivetty things and found them in the top pocket of the winter jacket. S'obvious really...

Now, where are rivetting punches and mandrels? The thought of having to head off to the local bike shop to get me kecks sorted was beyond even my imaginings and so, after teaching the baby swallows in the garage roof some new swear words, the punches and mandrels appeared as if by magic.

A couple of smacks with a very small hammer later and they are as good as new. How's that for service.

Now then, with the temperatures soaring for next weeks ride and my hands not liking summer temps behind my Barkbuster hand guards, it is time to whip them off and fit the normal ends.

So, can anyone tell me where I left the normal bar ends that the Barkbusters replaced when I eventually found the Barkbusters last winter?

A large beer to the first correct answer.

Announcements / Bloody GDPR - again!
« on: May 25, 2018, 07:24:40 pm »
No doubt you have all been inundated with e-mails begging you to give various nefarious organisations express permission to do all sorts of nasty things with your most intimate details even though they promise they never will.

Well, this is another one; sort of.

In the light of the General Data Protection Regulations we felt that it was appropriate that we make a statement about what data we, the administrators and moderators of EuroKClub, hold and what we do with the data you give when you apply for membership of the forum.

Our contact with members:

As a forum, the organisers, and I use that term loosely, are not in the business of contacting our members, either en-masse or individually and are not even sure that the General Data Protection Regulations apply to forums in any case. (If you are a member and are also an expert on the innermost workings of GDPR and think differently, we would love to hear from you.)

The one exception to this rule is mass mails we may send to members informing them of unplanned and extraordinary loss of service of the forum. You cannot opt out of this mailing except by requesting an account deletion and leaving the forum and by remaining a member you are, in effect, agreeing to us contacting you in this way.

The data we hold on members:

As well as the details you give when you apply for membership of the forum, the software used to generate the forum (SMF by Simple Machines) also provides information about your use of the forum such as the last time you were active in the forum, the number of posts you have made and the number of posts per day as an average.

The information EuroKClub has about members is shown in each member's profile and can be viewed by the member at any time.

In the case of guests to the forum, we have and keep no data other than the number of them who visit the forum.

What we do with the data held on members:

- essentially nothing, (we are motorcyclists, not entrepreneurs)
- we don't use your data for marketing (we don't do any), pass it on to any 3rd party (most of us don't know any 3rd parties) and will never sell it (we should be so lucky)
- you won't be asked to 'opt in' (you already did that by joining the forum)

Where is member's data held:

- backups of the forum are kept securely by Natty Web Developments Ltd. (who host and maintain the forum) for the purposes of, well, maintaining and re-populating the forum in the case of corruption (no, not that sort ) and also by at least one of the administrators (in case Natty Web Developments Ltd. are abducted by aliens or win the lottery)
- there are no personal data held that cannot be seen by a member (so no member need make any request for a full copy of the data held on them).

What to do if you do not want your data held by us:

- you can request a complete account deletion by emailing
- however, if you decide that you want your posts deleted, you will need to do that yourself BEFORE you request an account deletion  ::)

In a nutshell, which it obviously isn't, that's it!

The Euro K Club Lounge / SHOCK HORROR...
« on: May 09, 2018, 08:43:51 pm »
......BMW forced to recall thousands

Oh well, at least it's a start.

Arrogant sods. Huge recall in the States. No action in UK till they were forced into it.

Oh, and an ex-soldier had to die to get them to act.

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