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This incident turned into a fatality and police are appealing for witnesses to both the incident and the manner of riding prior to it.

Under the circumstances, I deleted the previous posts on this topic and offer my sympathies to family and friends who were not involved.

Anyone with information, please contact the police.

The Euro K Club Lounge / So you can ride fast then...
« on: April 18, 2019, 01:32:39 pm »
...but can you ride slow?

I mean, we can all ride slow. In traffic, filling stations etc. but what about doing the stuff in the mod 1 bike test?

Those of us who have been riding since you only needed a bike and the ability to find the test centre to pass and get your licence before spending your dad's money on a big fast bike and trying to kill yourself by going ever faster, never really had to bother about going slow. There were no supermarkets so no huge car parks to meander around in and if you went to the shops you just parked on the road.

The era of LC wotnots for kids to act like hooligans on still hadn't dawned and if it was less than 650 you was a wuss. With the advent of my green-laning era the need to ride slowly is something of a hinderance, hence the off-road training day looming large on my horizon.
In preparation for the humiliation, I have been poring over Youtube videos so I am an expert come the day  ::)

Also, for those of us who live by the doctrine of counter-steering as espoused by the Keith Code lot, the following video (with subtitles in English, badly translated from the original French) may come as something of a revelation.

PS This isn't a video about how to ride slowly by the way  8)

Announcements / Parts Discounts
« on: April 10, 2019, 10:48:11 am »
Discounts for vehicle parts are now available to all forum members from

Details can be found here...

Enjoy  :D

4 offer discounts for members of recognised clubs and this now extends to members of this forum.

To qualify for a discount, you must:

Set up an online account here...

Then call them on tel: 01926 333 8880 and tell them you are a member of

They will then mark your account as qualifying for a discount.

Then buy lots of parts and send me the savings...

Below is the e-mail confirmation of the discount applying to EuroKClub

RE: Contact BMW bike

Hi Brian,
We do offer discount, we offer it for BMW Car Club members, but any customers that you can point in our direction get them to say they are from your forum and I will set their account to qualify for the discount when they have set it up.
I just need to know the name of your forum so I can look at it and so I know the name/link when people say where they are from.
Kind regards,
Anthony Bradshaw
Parts Advisor
Rybrook Warwick
Heathcote Lane
CV34 6SP
Phone - 01926 333888
Fax Number - 01926 333841
Email Address:
Dealer Code - 33180 - BMW
Online Parts Store:
Ebay store:

The satellites that provide the GPS signals for our sat nags is coming to one of its crunch points.

The clocks on board the sats have a limited number of fields for holding the week number data.

At midnight tonight, the fields will get full as the clock rolls over to 99999 whatever.

This means that at midnight tomorrow, Saturday, the clocks will roll-over, like an old-fashioned mechanical mileometer to 000001 whatever.

Now, here's the fun bit (pun intended) because older gadgets that use the GPS signal 'may' not be able to cope with Week Number Roll-Over. This roll-over happens every 21 years from memory (might jave been 19) but the last one was in the eighties. My tlescopes e.g. may well never find the heavens in the right place again as they were both made after the last roll-over so I don't know if they 'proofed' against it. Meade, who make the scopes, are burying their heads in the stars.

Some chip manufacturers ensured their devices could cope with the WNRO but others, and older ones, may not have done.

So, all sorts of things may or may not work come Sunday morning, the US air force may bomb Nevada, UK subs may fire Tridents willy-nilly at anything that doesn't move, older 747's may land on the M4. So, Y2K all over again  ::)

Unsurprisingly, Garmin are totally ignoring this event and have cast their older devices to the devil!

More surprisingly and even more unexpectedly, TomTom have issued a one-time update for most of their old and no longer supported gizmos, so if you get an e-mail about it, don't ignore it as a late April 1st jape.

You can check your devices at the TomTom website and much kudos to them for doing the right thing.

Brian (who 'may' never be able to find his way home again  ::) )

The Euro K Club Lounge / Digital vernier caliper...
« on: March 19, 2019, 02:48:44 pm » Aldi NOW!


Good quality, multi-function (e.g. displays circumference of a bar or pipe from the diameter, mm/inch (whatever an inch is), imcludes batteries and a case.

Nowhere else to put this so it is here...

I have two Drift cameras, a Ghost and a Stealth which I run in whichever vehicle I happen to be using. The Ghost is 'normally' in the car and the smaller Stealth on the bike helmet.

However, both are too complicated for my needs (read 'for my pea-like brain') and neither seems to work well when in charging mode with a 12v to USB charger unit. Also, the Stealth has a limited battery life and even when plugged in, the Ghost stills runs its battery down and then starts acting oddly.

I’m looking for a 12v unit to run permanently on the bikes and maybe also in the car. Well, permanent with ignition, even I don't want Gigabytes of footage of the inside of my garage door   ::)

Finding one that runs and over-write records while on 12v is easy but most are not waterproof.

So, I want...

NOT a Go-Pro sized or form-factor'd brick.
Preferably a 'bullet' cam.
12v feed (not via a USB charger unit)
'Car mode' where it simply over-writes older files.
On with ignition OR no current draw when OFF.
At least shower-proof for the bike ones which will be mounted behind the screen.

My cameras are for safety reasons, I’m not into posting footage of my mis-deeds on soshal meedya.

So, what are you, our esteemed and wise members, using. Go-Pro and Drift advocates need not apply.

Big membership subscription discounts for the best suggestions  8)

Brian (who doesn't mind his footage being used against him as long as it can be used for him  ::) )

The Euro K Club Lounge / Nippy Norman is at it again...
« on: January 31, 2019, 01:33:19 pm »
...for anyone in the market for a new Optimate, here is an offer too silly to ignore...

Stuff it, worked for me when I posted it! Just follow Richard's link instead  8)

The Euro K Club Lounge / Festivities and all that...
« on: December 24, 2018, 05:36:51 pm »
OK, so it is finally Xmas eve and, having put the 'bah-humbug' away for a few days, we are now all officially allowed to wish one another a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year without fear of getting banned.

So Merry Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year to one and all.

And for those of you who've been here long enough to remember the original EuroKClub, if it all goes arse over tit between now and 2019, it'll be for real, not me buggering around for a giggle... ::)

Fit one of these to your R or big K...

...and customise your stuff till your eyes bleed; I can see one coming toward me now looking like a cross between an ice-cream van and an laser disco  >:(

The Euro K Club Lounge / For those biker globe-trotting execs out there...
« on: December 09, 2018, 06:19:42 pm »
Givi 'used' to make a 'carry-on' flight bag with wheels and a handle that fitted Monokey racks, but no more...

However, this might be the next best thing for those globe-trotting execs among you...

...and perhaps even for the weekly shopping haul.

Gripes, Bitches and Whinges! / F850 GS recall in US...
« on: December 09, 2018, 02:54:10 pm »

Kit Reviews / Oxford HotGrips
« on: December 05, 2018, 11:45:18 pm »
Not the sort of thing to adorn your K but for those other bikes lurking in your man-shed these might just be the best thing you could ever fit.

My wee Honda has many endearing features, go anywhere plodability, reasonable speed for a 250, good weather protection with the screen and the handguards and of course, legendary Honda reliability.

However, those handguards were made of ticky-tacky and were rapidly binned to be replaced by Barkbuster Jets with a solid, two-point fixing, aluminium backbone that will probably withstand a nuclear attack but they are not big enough to force the icy winter blast over the back of your hands, rather letting it hit them. Not cool; in fact bloody chilly. So, the first thing was to fit plastic spoilers to the top of the guards to effect better air-flow.

This was much better in the grim and grime but it is only when you sit behind a different set of bars that you realise just how amazing is the fairing on the K as it manages to chuck all that blast away from your pinkies, at least, on the S and GT.

I don't do wet and I don't do cold so I decided I needed some heated grips on the Honda, bearing in mind that I don't really know how to turn them on on the K.

I could have spent £80 on the latest Oxford UK-spec HotGrips with 9 heat settings(?) and waterproof, screw-together plugs and sockets. Or, I could spend £50 on the original grips with a mere(?) 5 settings and boring old non-weatherproof jobbies as found on old-fashioned Optimates.

So, I just spent a happy hour or so freezing my nuts off in my fog-bound man-cave ripping off the old, brand new grips and fitting the Oxfords. It was all going so well until that inevitable 'oh shit' moment but more of that anon...

The old grips came off with a Stanley knife and a quick tug and the left bar grip went on with the help of a few well aimed blows from my mallet. The twistgrip was another thing altogether.

Sure enough, just as the included Polish and German instructions warned, the twistgrip slider was replete with blobs and bobbles moulded into the outer surface. So, having spent an hour slicing and chiselling them all off, the right grip was ready to slip on. I slipped it half way on and then drizzled a little of the supplied Superglue on the inner end of the slider and inside the outer end of the HotGrip.

And here is the 'oh shit' I reached for the mallet to tap it into place, I realised that the superglue in the grip was, (because I am a twonk and had the bars on full left lock, meaning that the right bar was pointing UP) now dripping inexorably DOWN and to my horror coating not only the grip and the outer of the slider, but also oozing between the inside of the slider and the bar itself.

This was not a good thing!

In a second or two the grip was going to be welded half on and half off and the twistgrip would never, well, twist again. One hand grabbed the grip and began to work it open and closed manically while t'other bashed the grip on with the mallet. Open-closed-open-closed-open-closed etc. etc.

My third hand managed to unbolt the switch block and get the twistgrip off before the Superglue set like concrete, open-closed-open-closed etc. etc.

Another pot of tea and an hour with a half-round file inside the slider and some very rough sandpaper round the bar and it was all back to being a twisty twistgrip.

A handful of cable ties and bolting the fused leads across the battery (so, so simple) had the installation complete and ready for testing.

Wow! Wow, wow, wow! These heated grips are HOT.

They are thicker than the originals, by about the few millimetres thickness of the Grip Puppies I had on there before and so I haven't bothered to re-fit the foam padded covers but even so, there is a serious amount of heat coming from the Oxfords. My infra-red thermometer measured the lowest setting, marked as 30%, giving off 20 degrees of warmth and the maximum setting (100%, doh) being a pinkie-toasting 40 degrees, more than enough for me I am sure.

The totally sealed, bar-mounted controller has two raised buttons (so easy to find with cold fingers with gloves on in the dark), marked + and - . A single press of the + button makes the grips spring into life on the lowest setting with a green LED showing. A long press on the + button from 'off' brings the grips on at full with a nice warm red LED showing. The three mid-positions are 40, 50 and 75% respectively. A long press on the - button switches the unit off.

This controller has a couple of neat tricks up its insulated cable sleeve. Firstly, it has a second, separate, green LED in the centre of the unit which denotes when the controller is in Battery Saving Mode. This mode is user selectable (with a permanent memory so it stays in the mode you select even when off) and when it is ON it will turn the heat off if the battery voltage falls below 11.5v and back on again when it rises.

AND, miraculously, it also turns the unit off (well, into standby where it draws 76 micro-amps) after 2 minutes when there is no 'noise' on the 12v line; so, if you turn the bike off and forget to turn off the grips of if you leave the bike running to warm up the grips and it happens to stall. So, you either come back to an idling motor and toasty grips or cold grips but with your battery still in one piece.

Overall I am very pleased with the quality, fit and operation of the whole set up and am blown away by the heat produced.

Now I need to start carrying a fire extinguisher as well as the kitchen sink... ::)

The Euro K Club Lounge / GS-911
« on: November 24, 2018, 10:41:51 am »
Anyone thinking of investing or upgrading, here are the Black Friday deals from HE - 30% off on various models...

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