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Well chaps, it would seem I'm getting very little feedback from our esteemed owner/administrator/trouble shooter regarding making a voluntary donation to cover some costs of running the EuroK forum. It's one of the best (in my opinion) forums out on the www and such deserves support from all of us. I feel it unfair that a minority of the above are splashing out their work wages/pension/other whilst the rest of us are enjoying the benefits.

The poll is a simple one, either yes or no  :)

I'm sure I speak for Brian (if I don't I'm sure he'll be along to tell me) as well as myself, whilst the thought is very much appreciated it's probably more effort than it's worth.
Also there would be a two tear system where some members would feel more entitled than others. It works just fine as it is.
It has taken me a couple of years to put some coffers in the pot but the recent problems gave me that opportunity.

Your appreciation Jon is welcomed but I feel that whatever the outcome of the poll the site will remain free. Just sit back and enjoy it.

Would like to add that being one of the oldest and remote member your suggestion meets the same one made by me and if am not mistaken by a couple of more memebres a few years back.
Every time we've met the same resistance by the organizers of this forum, thus were left with only apressiation and a big thanks to those individuals.
Rae being one of them as you saw rush to clarify and state their firm position,  so we all are left pracrically yet again speachless.
Thank you guys , and if I may add,  if something changes rest assure we're here to support you.


--- Quote from: Costas on June 19, 2017, 10:14:25 am ---.
Thank you guys , and if I may add,  if something changes rest assure we're here to support you.

--- End quote ---
Yes indeed, well said Costas. :)

Brian is not adverse to having a drink bought for him on the odd occasion.

BTW the spell check now appears to be redundant at least on my lap top.


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