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Kbricks for me:
I have just been directed to look at this site and with my quite late (1998) K1100LT I think I qualify to be a member. A lovely bike with very low miles for the age (17500 when I bought it) but due to a certain lack of care, there are one or two issues that are having to be dealt with or simply bypassed.

It came with fully stamped service record - but - I think these are dealer views on servicing - not mine. It is supposed to have had an oil change at 16000 miles, but the oil is, errr, well quite black, not brown, but BLACK. The brake master cylinders both had to be overhauled with new seals. The fork oils were at best described as 'grubby', as it the air filter, I don't think it has been changed since the bike was new.. The saving grace (and a lot of work) is the valve clearances are perfect!

After me taking ownership the ABS went AWOL. It had been working perfectly during a long run, but after a stop for coffee it would not reset. A trip to a BMW dealer to be looked at on a diagniostic computer showed no fault! What was suggest was going to cost me almost as much as I paid for the bike; so I have just disabled the ABS warning light by removing the relay and the console bulb. The brakes still work and it passed the MOT.

Hi there Kbricks for me and welcome to the madhouse that is EuroKClub. Glad you found us and you would certainly qualify, if we had any qualification criteria  ;D

As we're a friendly bunch in here, perhaps you'd care to pop into the 'Who's Who' section and introduce yourself and perhaps stick an easier name to address you by in your profile.

Brian (who thinks you may now be the resident Kbrick expert)

Kbricks for me:
K Brick expert - I think not. 

I am in the middle of carrying out a full major service on the LT and have come across something that I have never seen on my two previous K1100LT's, indeed any of my previous K's. On the 'T' shaped cover over the Hall Sensor is what appears to be a 10mm threaded stud protruding out from the cover and fitted to this is what looks like rubber washer and a 10mm Hex nut. Without removing all the fairing I cannot get to it easily but will post a picture of this 'wart'.

I am not going to touch it until I can find out what it is.

Try jumping 240v across it and see if the bike 'hovers'  ;D

Brian (who supposes some folks might try this, so don't try this)

Welcome, glad we can talk about a dissent bike like old the LT . First as you already know those belong to the ones made to last forever. Now the ABS issue most probably is just the rear connector cable that has the tendency to brake exactly at the connector position, now that you do the service take a better look, those ABS simple units with only regular change in fluid work forever. The other might be the headlight adjuster or the top supporter.


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