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Re: Leather v Textile
« Reply #30 on: November 03, 2023, 12:57:26 pm »
Just reviving this thread.

Six months on, they seem to be making quite slow progress on testing:

Gold - a few, but mostly RST and Goldtop
Platiumn - empty
Diamond - just BKS

A useful 4th category might have been 'Fail'.

Of the 5 gloves in Gold, only one is CE Level 2.

And which twonk came up with mixing gems & metals as levels. Diamond is the highest, by the way, if it's not obvious.
It wasn't to my gold-addled brain until I started opening the lists up.  :(
I too would like to see a list of kit tested alongside those with their various pass levels. It's the pretty easy to deduce the "fails" (which are not actually fails as they already have certification).

I assume there is a queue of kit waiting to be tested which will be part of the reason for their being so few items that have "passed", so it would be good to know what's already in the queue.
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