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Title: Point Two Pro-Air inflatable safety vest
Post by: Paul C on February 14, 2015, 12:53:22 pm
Point Two Pro-Air inflatable safety vest - First Impressions.

This seems to be a well constructed piece of kit. I played around quite a bit with the adjustment and included armour before going out on the road. I decided to remove the padding (armour?) within the shoulder straps/front of the vest keeping the included back protection. However, I did remove the back protector from my jacket. It was just too bulky with both. I'll probably try it the other way round at some point. I removed the shoulder/front pieces because it just felt a little too bulky around the neck. This padding consisted of two layers of closed cell foam, a bit like a camping sleeping mat. They are easy to slide in and out so I guess you could try a few combinations. I tried hanging it up in place over my jacket. It wants to slip off as you put the jacket on. If this continues I'll probably experiment with a few strategic pieces of Velcro, or maybe some laces.

So, on the road. Initially I could feel some contact between the base of my helmet and the collar. It wasn't restrictive though. This was most noticeable when doing lifesavers. After 20 miles or so I forgot about it. Removing the padding will have helped here too. I don't have a long neck so folks with different body proportions may not notice it at all. However, riding a sports bike may increase the possibility. I was on my GSA so sitting pretty vertical. I imagine riding my Guzzi, where I'm in a more prone position, there may be some restriction when turning my head.
The vest is activated by a 30kg load on a lanyard attached to the bike. I spent some time adjusting this so I would be able to ride standing on the pegs as well as sitting down. I have a spare I intend fit on the BloodBike FJR when I use it. Hopefully I'll sort a way of fitting it quickly.

So, was it worth it? Well, I hope I never find out! Full price is pretty steep, it was nearly a third off at the NEC which made it more palatable. We are all aware of the potential risks and take the precautions we feel most appropriate to manage them. For me this was the right choice. I wouldn't wear it when riding green lanes, I fall off way too often. Riding today, in a few layers as it was 4, it was unnoticeable after the first few miles. Maybe in the hot weather, with a thinner jacket and vents open, it may be a layer I would prefer to do without. Time will tell.

After a couple of months...
I am now using it without the included back protector and using the one in my jacket. It's marginal but I think this is a better option. I'd prefer this option as I tend to wear different jackets depending on the weather. I've also tried it with a few helmets. The initial comments were made wearing a Schuberth C3. When wearing a Shoei Multitech the contact between the lower edge of the jaw of the helmet and the vest was slightly more noticeable. However, wearing a Shark Evoline 3 I noticed it even less than the C3. Clearly, with an open face there would be no contact.

When doing BloodBike duty we wear a HiVis vest with BLOOD on it (!!!). I've cut a little "button hole" in it to pass the lanyard connector through. Easy.

Going to have to wait a while to get any comments on what it's like in the warm weather!
Title: Re: Point Two Pro-Air inflatable safety vest
Post by: raesewell on February 14, 2015, 01:06:37 pm
Is there a web link Paul?
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Post by: Paul C on February 14, 2015, 01:31:15 pm
Here... (