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Pragmasis ending production...
« on: June 29, 2024, 09:48:38 am »
I had an e-mail from David at Pragmasis saying that they are about to go under due to everything from hugely rising costs (heat treatment alone has resulted in a 40% increase in their electricity costs) to the loss of a key worker (its a very small family business) and David somehow not getting any younger.

As the supplier of probably the best range of chain, locks and other amazing security stuff like the Anti-pinch Pin and the amazing Shed Shackle, all of which I have or have had in the past, this is not good news.

All Pragmasis products are way better than anything Almax sell and as for the big Squire lock, Almax and Pragmasis are the only two companies who are licensed to order keyed-alike A440 keys for the Squire and Almax have never shown any inclination to provide that service. In fact I bought my first Squire from Almax and even when I wanted a second one he would not supply it keyed-alike. David at Pragmasis had no such problem so he got the order for the Squire and a whole lot more.

Production has currently ceased so if any of you need any more stuff from Pragmasis I would get a move on as its first come, first served.

Sad times indeed.
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Re: Pragmasis ending production...
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2024, 11:19:35 am »
Sad news indeed that yet another small business like this should have to throw the towel in due to circumstances beyond their control.

Although not a customer it always makes me sad to hear of genuine businesses with quality products like this being forced to close.

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