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A Better Way to Measure Power
« on: May 18, 2024, 08:58:42 am »
For many years we have all used horsepower as a way to communicate the power of our bikes. Unless we're in a proper country that uses Kilowatts. Or metric horsepower. Or imperial horsepower.

Now we're no longer in the EU and so occasionally enjoying fricking brain-dead moronic great units-of-measurement revanchism around half a pound of bananas, I decided we should go our own way on measuring the power of our bikes. And because I currently have a magpie that has been landing on my window ledges all morning and beaking the window, I clearly have the mandate to do this. I asked an expert to help me define this game-changing approach (ChatGPT 4o):

Kitten Power

Step 1. Estimating a Kitten's Power Output:

1. Weight and Activity: An average domestic kitten weighs around 0.45-0.9 kg. A playful kitten can be quite energetic, but we need to estimate a reasonable sustained power output rather than peak bursts of energy.
2. Energy Expenditure: The metabolic rate of a small animal like a kitten can give us some clues. Let's assume an average kitten burns about 60-80 calories per day (about 250-335 kilojoules per day).

Step 2: Calculating Kitten Power
To convert the energy expenditure into power:
  • 1 calorie = 4.184 joules
  • Therefore, 60-80 calories per day = 251-335 kilojoules per day
  • 1 day = 86,400 seconds
Power (in watts) = Energy (in joules) / Time (in seconds)

Using the average energy expenditure of 293 kilojoules per day:

Kitten Power = 293,000 joules / 86,400 seconds ≈ 3.39 watts

Step 3: Ratio of Horsepower to Kitten Power
Now that we have both measurements:
  • 1 horsepower = 746 watts
  • 1 kitten power ≈ 3.39 watts
Ratio = 746 watts / 3.39 watts ≈ 220

1 horsepower is approximately equivalent to 220 kitten power.

In summary:

1 horsepower ≈ 746 watts
1 kitten power ≈ 3.39 watts
1 horsepower ≈ 220 kitten power

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Re: A Better Way to Measure Power
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2024, 10:24:11 am »
...and your cat still can't stop the Magpie beaking your window. Ergo, the Magpie must have more power!